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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Breakfast of champions

I realized something today…I need to learn to say no! I have this very bad problem of taking on waaaay to many commitments and then crashing and burning and needing to quit a ton of things!

I’m slowly working on this problem, but it’s a long process. Case in point, I promised myself that I would not work more than 8 hours on any Thursday that I would take a night off. Well that idea ended right in the garbage can! I finally rolled home at 8pm and rummaged around in the Kitchen for dinner.

On a side note, is anyone else out there a big fan of the frozen chicken fillets from M&M meat shops? It’s just another item in my ever growing list of products I love from there. I am forever addicted to their French onion soup, but alas, I try to limit myself to only shopping there once in awhile, as it can get kinda pricey! But the chicken fillets were on sale so score!

Anyway, back to the topic of the post…BREAKFAST!!!! A few years ago I rediscovered my love of breakfast, I somehow in my crazy teenage ways had thought for years that I didn’t need a real breakfast. When I lived in residence I ate it everyday but during the first few years of living in an apartment I somehow stopped eating this great meal. Well over the years my tastes for breakfast have changed. I don’t really crave fried foods anymore, although the breakfast sandwich the other day is a prime example of my love of greasy foods!

Well earlier this week I made use of a tub of yogurt, I had leftover in the fridge at work that served as my dinner one night after we had a mild oven incident that led to my supervisor and I cleaning up lots of melted plastic and me prying this lovely shelf out:031 So this tub of yogurt was just begging to be eaten, and I obliged one day for breakfast, I topped it with a pumpkin spice muffin and I was instantly in foodie heaven!

blog 007 Seriously, I love the contrast of the muffin crumbles to the thick strawberry yougrt, excuse the fact that my drool is now on the keyboard! But seriously muffin in yogurt, TRY IT NOW!!!

Well, tomorrow is Friday and I have another crazy day of work, followed by a weekend full of turkey! I’ll be posting later in the weekend :)

Catch ya later!



Anonymous said...

your yogurt and muffin breakfast had over 600 calories and more than 17g of fat. Yuck!

BA said...

Obviously, Anonymous has never had that brand of yogurt. Mmm. The full fat stuff is definitely worth it, in part because you're satisfied by less. And it doesn't have as many fillers and additives as are in most types you see on the shelves, because it doesn't "need" to. Not to mention it tastes better.

Adam said...

looks good

Tracer Bullet said...

yumm the yogurt and muffins do look good. and good luck with learning to say no! its good to have a balance of yes and no in your life!